"Yesterday was a day I and my family will never forget.  The portrait was exceptional.  Somehow with your extraordinary skill you captured e​xactly what I wanted.  I will always remember my two sittings at Crescent Pond and the warmth and friendship that you and Sandy extended.  

​- John T. Broderick, Jr., NH Supreme Court Chief Justice

"I am writing to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the portrait you recently made for us.  With a considerable amount of time and effort, but most importantly with your special talent, you were able to capture the "character and personality" of my parents to perfection. The portrait met our highest expectations. 

- Dr. A. Sadeghi-Nejad, Tufts University School of Medicine

"Stressing craft, a high degree of finish, meticulous fidelity to nature...(Whitney's) command of technique is pronounced... technique is reminiscent of the old masters...ability to capture the carefully concealed character of subjects is fantastic."

- Robert Taylor, Art Critic, The Boston Globe

"All of your portraits show a fine instinctive feeling for character and expression."

- Richard Lack, Artist/Painter of Joseph Kennedy

"My wife and I are altogether delighted with the painting.  We have been satisified in our dealings with the artist, including his flexibility to our peculiar schedules, his willingness to entertain our suggestions and requests and his cordial and engaging personality during the sitting...We are most pleased with the flatteringly faithful result.  In particular, the subject herself, my wife, generally the hardest to please, is no less than thrilled."

- Dr. Philip E. Steevis

​"Everyone who has seen your portrait has enthusiastic praise.  It is just a magnificent portrait."

- The Mercusburg Academy, Mercusburg, Pennsylvania

​"Your remarkable talent as an artist is clearly evident in each of your works.... Everyone who comes in comments on either your subject, your style or your technique."

- P. Warren Keating, Treasurer, PJ Keating Company​

​"Your portrait is so alive - the movement, the turning, the gentle play of light and dark..."

​- Cee Cee Gorton

"He is an excellent craftsman whose paintings are very much finished products....

- John Warton, New England Art Critic​

"The community is still buzzing about the portrait!...Thank you Richard, for giving us such a marvelous portrait.  It made the dedication package complete and perfect!"

- Brenda L. Reed, Mayor, Attleboro, MA

"Kathy and I are absolutely delighted that your work is going so well... Since I continue to work around the State Capitol, I am constantly reminded by people who see your portrait of me that it is a "classic".

- Kevin B. Harrington, Massachusetts Senate President​

"Brilliantly talented American realist... masterful paintings... attest to the the absolute and enduring qualities in his timeless, yet very timely personality of American realism...Richard Whitney is a rare and gifted painter."

- Dean Fausett, Internationally known artist;

President of the ​National Society of Mural Painters