Initial Preparation

Richard will speak by telephone or email with the client to determine the details of the portrait.  This includes desired mood, size, clothing, objects to be included in the portrait, schedules and where the portrait will ultimately hang.  Richard and the client then meet.  Richard can either travel to the client's location or the meeting can take place at Richard's studio in Stoddard, NH.  At this two to three hour meeting, Richard does a photography session and a color study from life.  Using these materials, Richard works with the client to reach an agreement on pose and composition.  

Back in the Studio

Although Richard prefers to work from life sittings, this is not always possible with busy schedules or with young children, so photographic reference material can be used for the majority of the portrait.  A final sitting to complete the portrait can be done at the client's home or at Richard's studio.  

Completion of the Portrait

The time frame for the finished portrait depends on the complexity of the painting and the number of commission on which Richard is working at the time.  Once started, a head and shoulders will usually be finished in two to three weeks.  Larger and more complicated portraits generally take five to seven weeks.  

When the portrait is complete, he will send a photo for final approval. Upon final approval, an arrangement will be made for delivery.